Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Trash Can Runneth Over

Okay, so I'm not going to say that yesterday was an unmitigated disaster in terms of my quest to buy less.

It was a mitigated disaster.

The disaster part: Bed Bath and Beyond after-Christmas sale.

Bought twelve drapery panels, each in it's own clear plastic container (with zipper - why not just a flap, I do not know) and with a couple of pieces of cardboard stiffener inside.

Also bought a set of sheets on clearance, non-organic cotton. (I did just purchase an organic set for Abbey's new bed - part of her complete new bedroom suite. See? Mitigation and disaster.)

Also bought a new set of towels, non-organic cotton. Old ones have bleach stains, though I would swear they have never come within an arm's length of even a closed bleach container.

But they were all sooo pretty, and sooo cheap.

It's a quest for reduction, though, not a day trip.

Today's buying results were much better. I discovered Rouse's!!!

Rouse's is one of three local options for a grocery store. (There would be four, but I don't count Wal Mart - they're getting much better with eco-friendly products, but the noise and activity of the place gives me a twitch.) It's competitors are Winn Dixie and Lishman's.

Rouse's rocks!!!

Lishman's was too expensive, Winn Dixie was too expensive and the parking lot was a nightmare.

Rouse's is too expensive (but, then again, I'm comparing it to military commissary prices, so I may be a little biased), but it's got so many eco-friendly and organic products I was in green shopper's heaven!

Tonight we bought organic butter, cream cheese, broccoli, apples, cauliflower, lettuce, milk, and soy milk. We bought eco-friendly dish detergent and will be able to buy Mrs. Meyer's, Seventh Generation, or Ecover laundry and cleaning products when we need them!

Joy, joy, joy!

And I didn't even fill up the trash can with extra packaging when we got home!

Which was good, because they're all overflowing from the unpacking and new buying detritus of the past few weeks.

Seriously - when you can't recycle, the trash cans need to be emptied every day, it seems. Such a pain!

Then again, the mitigation there is that my dear husband is usually the one that empties the trash. Which he did (again) while we were out shopping.

Good husband.

Good grocery store.

Grateful wife/mother/tree hugger/shopper.

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