Monday, March 2, 2009

New Work

New photographs available at !

Brugmansia's Blush
The swaying of Brugmansia's "Angel Bells" lure you in like singing sirens, but be careful - these pretty blooms decorate a plant with deadly poison.

Hydrangea's Blue Heart
I almost titled this "Life on Planet Earth", because the center of this beloved flower is so often unnoticed that when you do look at it, it's so fantastic that it seems as if we've got our own little aliens right here on our home planet.


Put this pretty purple "petunia" plant in a pot and you'll be pleased as punch with the end product.  I promise.

Dry Tortuga
Though they may be humped and slow, no tortoise is an island.  In fact, these rabbit-racing reptiles are imperiled all over the world.  From the giant Galapagos tortoises to the gopher tortoises of Florida here in the U.S., "tortugas" need our help.  Find out more at The Nature Conservancy's website, 

Coral Rose
Just barely over the border from the pink family into the orange family, this is the perfect color (for me, anyway) for a summer dress.

Fairy Forest
Look closely.  Look with your skepticism closed and your imagination open.  There!  Did you see them?!

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